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Thursday, November 17, 2005

And let's not even talk about the miter box!

Years ago, I read a story in INSIGHT magazine about a toolbox that didn’t get along.

And looking back, it’s easy to see why. If there was one thing on which everyone agreed, it’s that the glue was terribly “stuck up.”

Unfortunately, none of the other tools were any better – in fact, they had all their problems. The rasp, for instance, could be very rough. The awl was boring. The hammer was blunt. The pliers pinched. The tape measure was always pointing out how everyone else just didn’t measure up. The wrench seemed to have nothing better to do with its time than to hang out with a bunch of nuts. And while the saw was sharp, it could be terribly cutting in its dealings with others.

No, these were clearly some tools with major problems.

But one day, a Carpenter came along . . . and used those tools to build a church.

Pastor Greg

And remember: “God’s love is a net that pulls in all kinds of fish” – Jesus of Nazareth.


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