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Friday, November 25, 2005

Fragment of yet another early church epistle, recently discovered at Tel al-nutherwan

Dear Thaddeus:

You’ll be glad to hear that things are going well here in the mission field. I’m glad to report that the gentiles are really anxious to learn more about the true God of Israel.

And yes, there has been some trouble with that so-called “apostle” by the name of Paul. He brought a large number of people into the church without any kind of adequate preparation – and just as you predicted, many of them still continue to see themselves as gentiles. At one time, as a matter of fact, there was even talk of the church celebrating a week of “Gentile Pride”!

Fortunately, we’ve put a stop to all that; we’ve made it clear that following the God of Israel means following the exact same kind of lifestyle that His people back home have always practiced. And yes, this kind of “straight testimony” has caused a real “shaking” in our local church – but those who remain have been ever so grateful for our support and guidance.

Thank you for your regular shipments of used yarmulkes and phylacteries; the people here are always so eager to receive them. And do keep us in your prayers – next week, I’ll be explaining to the locals just why circumcision remains an “everlasting covenant” (Genesis 17:13).


Sylvanus T. Birdwhistle
for WEEDS: the World-wide Evangelistic & Educational Development Service


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