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Friday, November 11, 2005

Who do you want to be when you grow up?

Ask most folk what church people are like, and they’ll tell you that, “Church people are good people. A little narrow-minded, maybe. Exclusive. And not generally the kind of people you’d invite to a party on New Year’s Eve . . . but still, they’re good, respectable people.”

Now ask them what they think of Jesus – and if they’ve spent any time reading the Bible, they’ll tell you that, “Jesus was always getting in trouble with the authorities because he got invited to the wrong parties, and he hung out with the wrong people.”

In short, most people would say that church people don’t have much in common with Jesus. What’s more, they’d probably tell you that, as much as they admire church people, they’re not very comfortable around them. Jesus, on the other hand . . . well, they like Jesus a lot more than they like us.

So . . . why is their such a difference between the way most folk think of church people, and the way they think of Jesus?

What would happen if church people were more like Jesus?

What would need to change in order for this to happen?

And what does Ephesians 3:14-21 have to say about it all?

Greg Brothers

And remember: “[Christians] get along, not because we are good but because we are forgiven” – Eugene Peterson.


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