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Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Good News about Judgment Day

It’s 2 AM and you wake to the sound of somebody’s prowling around downstairs – somebody who shouldn’t be there. So you hit “911” and tell the police you’ve got a burglary in progress . . .
And why is that?

Because right now, you’re looking forward to the judgment.

When it comes to the Bible, remember, judgment is not a job for Judge Judy; it is not just the process of determining guilt or innocence.

No, “judgment” is when justice is done; it is God stepping in to protect His people from anything that would do them harm.

  • When Abraham rescued Lot from his kidnappers, for instance, that was a judgment.
  • When Moses led God’s people out of Egypt, that was a judgment.
  • And when God steps in at the end of time to save His people . . .

Well, as the Book of Revelation makes very clear, that day will be good news for God’s people.

To be sure, God does need to sort out just who belongs to Him.

Then too, not everybody who claims to be on God’s side actually belongs to Him.

But as you study this week’s Sabbath School lesson with your class – as you read together through texts such as Psalm 74 and Revelation 15:1-4 – you need to remember that God is on our side. God is not out to get us, in other words; God is not checking the books to see if there’s any possible way He can keep us out of Heaven.

No, the Judgment is Good News; it's Good News for those times when somebody is prowling around downstairs who shouldn’t be there . . .

Because it tells you that help is on the way.


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