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Thursday, July 27, 2006

It's time to punt!

I must admit that I'm utterly flummoxed by this week's lesson -- and if you'll check the links to other websites, you'll find that most other people are also at a loss.

Simply put, Daniel 8 was never meant to stand alone; it is part of a narrative that includes Daniel 9. But deal with this chapter in isolation, and you have evil triumphant, God's sanctuary defiled, and God's people utterly beaten down by their enemies.

Just the kind of message, in other words, that will make your people glad they came to Sabbath School this week.

So what to do?

Three options:
  1. Review chapters 1-7; leave chapters 8 & 9 until next week when you can deal with these two chapters together.
  2. Briefly deal with chapter 8, then go on to discuss Daniel's prayer in chapter 9. Next week, you can complete the discussion of chapter 8 in light of the additional material in chapter 9. (There's more than enough there to keep you busy -- trust me!)
  3. Compare Daniel 8 with Revelation 12 & 13. What does John borrow from Daniel's account? What does he add? How are the messages of these two authors different -- and how are they the same?

And if that doesn't work, then go back and read the story of the Fiery Furnace (chapter 3) or Daniel in the Lion's Den (chapter 6), and ask yourself what these stories add to the events of chapter 8 (and vice versa)!


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