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Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Guiding Light (second season)

This may be the second-season of Abramos – but it’s a whole-new ball-game for the fans of this popular telenovela!!!

In last year’s shocking finale, we learned the true nature of the title character’s relationship with his wife AND witnessed the near-death of their son at the hands of his father. (And yes, the critics are still arguing about that episode!) Even the storybook wedding of the family heir wasn’t enough to erase our concerns for this family’s future.

As it turns out, we were right to worry. In a surprising twist, this season picks up 25-years after last year’s final episode. With Abramos dead, the family business is up for grabs. On paper, his son is now the boss . . .

But can little “Snickers” maintain control in the face of his wife’s opposition?

And what of their twin sons: “Red” and Iago? Dad favors the thoroughly assimilated “Red” – a man’s man (and a lady’s man besides). But with Mom backing the all-too clever Iago . . .

Well, it looks like this is one show that is sure to keep its fans guessing!


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